Gabriola Playwright Launches Book about an Aboriginal WWI Hero

"Meticulously researched, this play brings Alex Decoteau—the man, his life, his death— before us. A man of ability, ambition, and integrity. At root: a true warrior, and one who was ultimately sacrificed on the altar of futile tactics." —Major (Retired) David Haas, CD, RMC

Gabriola Island, BC – Local playwright and retired Edmonton schoolteacher CharIotte Cameron is launching her book, Running: The Alex Decoteau Story, at the Gabriola Branch, Vancouver Island Regional Library, on November 8 at 1 p.m. CLICK TO READ ENTIRE NEWS RELEASE.

New, BC Digital Publisher Launches Seventh Title

(09/26/2014) Gabriola Island, BC - Fictive Press today announced the publication of Running: The Alex Decoteau Story by local playwright Charlotte Cameron. This moving one-act play tells the tale of a Cree hero who was also an Olympic runner, and Canada's first aboriginal policeman. It is the young, digital publisher's seventh book, and second by a BC author.

The book includes an historical note, archival photographs and a fascinating introduction to the play and the Alex Decoteau Run, which brought this aboriginal role model to the attention of many hundreds of Edmonton schoolchildren over the 10 years that the event was held.

Fictive Press and Page's Resort & Marina Bookstore, which specializes in books by local publishers and authors, will be launching Cameron's book at the Vancouver Island Regional Library, Gabriola Branch, on November 8 at 1 p.m.

Fictive Press was launched in 2011 by Morri Mostow as a division of BizNet Communications, a corporate and marketing communications firm that she and her husband, Doug Long, have been running since the early 1980s, first in Quebec and, since 2005, on Gabriola.

"Looking for something more creative to do, I realized that digital publishing was a logical fit with my editorial and marketing skills," says Mostow. "My intention was to publish e-books, but when I discovered that award organizations and most reviewers only accept printed volumes, I embarked on the much more complicated process of print-on-demand. In a way, I've come full circle. My first real job was in the book department of Reader's Digest, where I learned how books were put together. The Digest had teams of editors and graphic artists, not to mention advertising and marketing departments. At Fictive Press, however, I perform all those functions. It's more challenging than I had expected but it's also great fun."

Fictive Press's first title, The Fool Who Invented Kissing, by Doug Long, is a collection of compelling micro-stories, each with setting, characters, plot, conflict, climax and resolution told in exactly 55 words. Published in 2012 as an e-book, this collection of 96 "Shorties," whimsically illustrated by Gabriola artist David Botten, covers virtually every fiction genre, from romance to suspense, humor to sci-fi, fantasy to horror.

Fictive Press has since published two poetry collections, a philosophical work in translation, as well as a meditation on death and an historical novel, both by award-winning children's author Carol Matas.

Winnipeg Literary Couple Carol Matas and Per Brask Launched Their Newest Books at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on October 1, 2014

Carol Matas, an award-winning author for children and young adults, and her husband, Per K. Brask, a poet and dramaturge, jointly launched their newest books, published by Fictive Press, at McNally Robinson bookstore in Winnipeg on October 1 at 7 p.m.

Carol Matas' Tucson Jo, an historical novel for middle grades (ages 9-14) set in 1882 Tucson, Arizona, deals with moral issues and Jewish themes.

Per Brask's edited translation of Foundational Thoughts in Judaism is a seminal work of religion and philosophy by the Jewish-Danish philosopher, Andreas Simonsen (1923-1991).

The October 1st book launch celebrated two important milestones: Carol Matas' 45th book, the introduction of Simonsen's work to English readers for the first time. Marianne Olsen, a close personal friend of the late Simonsen and chairman of the Foundation that promotes his work, came from Denmark to attend the launch and mark this historic occasion.

Foundational Thoughts in Judaism by Andreas Simonson, translated by Per K. Brask
Fictive Press, a small indie, digital and print-on-demand publisher, located on Gabriola Island, BC, is run by Morri Mostow, a former Winnipegger and childhood friend of Carol Matas. They met in grade 4, when they were transferred from different schools into a special program for gifted children, and have remained close friends for the past 56 years.

Matas and Brask were instrumental in the creation of Fictive Press in 2011. They convinced Mostow that digital publishing was a logical fit with her editorial and marketing skills. She agreed, and Fictive Press went on to publish two collections of Brask's poetry, A Spectator (ekphrastic poetry) and Above Palm Canyon and Other Places in the Mind, along with Matas' first non-fiction book, When I Die: A Meditation on Death for Children & Their Families.

When I Die: A meditation on death for children & their families, the first non-fiction book by acclaimed YA author Carol Matas, has climbed to No. 34 in the top 100 on Amazon's Best Sellers list in the Teen Health category!

Gabriola Island, BC - The newest and first non-fiction book by acclaimed YA author Carol Matas has climbed to No. 34 in the top 100 on Amazon's Best Sellers list in the Teen Health category!

When I Die: A meditation on death for children & their families is a short picture book. Not everyone "gets" this book, but one reader certainly did, titling her review "Tiny Book, Huge Impact":
"The simplicity of the book's message took root in my mind. It kept resurfacing each day, imprinting on my consciousness. As more time passed, the final sentence of the book gained more and more power. I derived immense comfort from it. I found I could not shake the impact of this book… When I Die may make a similar indelible impression on you, your children, or grandchildren."...more.

Carol Matas Tackles the Subject of Death in Her First Non-fiction Book

Canadian Poetry Goes Digital

Gabriola Island, BC – When Winnipeg author Per K. Brask finished writing A Spectator, his first collection of ekphrastic poetry, he decided to bypass traditional print publishers and go digital. He turned to Fictive Press, a new Canadian “indie” e-publisher, who produced and distributed his book in multiple e-book formats, and as print on demand (POD).

Ekphrastic poetry is literary commentary on works of art. In A Spectator, Brask playfully focuses his attention on live performances, paintings, art exhibits and life moments. Readers will be delighted and inspired by these beautifully wrought personal reflections...more.

 Hyper-Short Stories Appeal to the Digital Generation

Gabriola Island, BC – Imagine a compelling story, with setting, characters, plot, conflict climax and resolution … all told in exactly 55 words! Imagine a book full of them! That’s what The Fool Who Invented Kissing, by Doug Long, delivers story after surprising story.

Published as an e-book, this collection of 96 “Shorties” (with 24 illustrations by Gabriola artist David Botten) covers virtually every fiction genre, from romance to suspense, humor to sci-fi, fantasy to horror.

“Micro fiction, flash fiction, Nano fiction, commuter fiction — whatever you want to call it — is an ideal format for today’s multitaskers,” said author Doug Long. “Readers can enjoy a complete, thought-provoking story in quick bites on their smart phones, tablets or e-readers.”...more

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