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August 23, 1929
March 22, 2017


Author Ralph Hancox

British-born Ralph Hancox has had a lively publishing and writing career spanning more than 60 years. He arrived in Canada in 1955, after five years as an R.A.F pilot, with his Canadian-born wife, Margaret (she’d been to the UK to be a spectator at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II). They brought with them their daughter Linda—at three months old. Subsequently they became happy parents to three more children, Kenrick, born in Kingston, and Alison and Julian, both born in Peterborough. All of their progeny have since rewarded their parents with active careers—and families of their own—from New Brunswick to British Columbia.

After a two-year stint as a reporter at The Kingston Whig Standard, Hancox—in his spare time from family care—became editor-in-chief of The Peterborough Examiner, followed by an appointment as editor-in-chief of the Canadian edition of Reader’s Digest magazine. An accumulation of business and management experience gathered along the way resulted in his appointment as chairman, president, and CEO of Reader’s Digest Canada, which he guided for more than two decades. He also spent a year at Harvard, as the Canadian Nieman Fellow, six months at Harvard Business School, and two years as Consigliere delegato and chairman of the board of Reader’s Digest Italy. He has authored, what have been said, by friends, to be a number of learned papers, and has delivered numerous speeches on magazine publishing and public policy.

Hancox’s many honours include the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Service from Simon Fraser University, where he taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Publishing Program at The Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, whose creation was funded by the Reader’s Digest Foundation of Canada. Hancox even wrote one of the program’s textbooks, Managing the Publishing Process.

In his “retirement” in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Hancox has kept up a prodigious output: a memoir (Vanity, Profanity—All is Insanity); a compilation of humorous correspondence between himself and the late Peterborough artist, Robert B. Porter (Dear Mr Porter, Sir…); and several novels, including The Fabufestan Exposés (Con Job and Scandalous), and The Ape & the Peacock.



The Inspiration behind The Fabubestsan Exposés


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