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Per K. Brask in the Badlands of North Dakota. Photo by Carol Matas.Per K. Brask is an accomplished dramaturge and author who has published poetry, plays, short stories, essays and literary translations ... and more. His translation (with Patrick Friesen) of Danish poet Ulrikka S. Gernes's book, Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments, made the Canadian shortlist of the 2016 Griffin Poetry Prize, one of the world's most prestigious poetry awards.

Fictive Press has published three of Brask's poetry collections: A Spectator, Above Palm Canyon and Other Places in the Mind and The Tzaddik and other poems. In October, 2014, he launched his translation of Andreas Simonsen's Foundational Thoughts in Judaism at a joint event at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, Canada, where his wife, Carol Matas, also launched Tucson Jo, an historical novel for middle grades, which became a 2014 National Jewish Book Awards finalist. His second translation of a Simonsen work, The Laws of Life, was published by Fictive Press in October 2015. He completed his Simonsen trilogy with the publication of The Foundation of Ethics in 2017.

Per Brask has taught in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Winnipeg since 1982.

His creative writing, essays and translations have appeared in Anthropologica, Border Crossings, Canadian Folklore, Canadian Theatre Review, C.G. Jung Page, Contemporary Verse 2, Consciousness, Literature and the Arts (where he also serves on the editorial board), Danish Literary Magazine, Descant, Ecotone, Eleven Eleven, Event, Grain, Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, The Literary Review, Malahat Review, Modern International Drama, NeWest Review, Nexus, Performing Arts Journal, Poetica, Poetry Canada Review, Poet Magazine, Poetry Kanto, Poetry Wales, Prairie Fire, The Philosophers' Magazine, Quarterly Review, Rhubarb Magazine and Zygote.

In book form: Power/lessness (monologues, Turnstone Chapbooks,1987), Duets (short stories, with George Szanto, Coteau, 1989), DramaContemporary: Scandinavia (plays, ed., PAJ, 1989), Double Danish (short stories, ed. and trans., Cormorant, 1991), Aboriginal Voices: Amerindian, Inuit and Sami Theatre (essays, plays and interviews, ed. with William Morgan, Johns Hopkins UP, 1992), God's Blue Morris: A Selection of Poems by Niels Hav (ed. and trans. with Patrick Friesen, Crane Editions, 1993), Contemporary Issues in Canadian Theatre and Drama (essays, ed. Blizzard Publishing, 1995), Essays on Kushner's Angels (ed. Blizzard Publishing, 1995), The Woods by Klaus Høeck (poems, trans. with Patrick Friesen, Crane Editions, 1998), Seven Canons (plays by Canadian women ed. with Martin Bragg and Roy Surrette, Playwrights Canada Press, 2000), Two Plays by Ulla Ryum (trans. Adler & Ringe, 2001), A Sudden Sky: Selected poems by Ulrikka S. Gernes (ed. and trans. with Patrick Friesen, Brick Books, 2001), We Are Here, a collection of poems by Niels Hav (ed. and trans. with Patrick Friesen, Book Thug, 2006), Copenhagen, a collection of short stories by Katrine Marie Guldager (trans., Book Thug, 2009), Performing Consciousness (ed. with Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Cambridge Scholars Publsihing, 2010) ,  A Spectator, a collection of ekphrastic poems (Fictive Press, 2012),  Above Palm Canyon and Other Places in the Mind, poems, (Fictive Press, 2013), Foundational Thoughts in Judaism by Andreas Simonsen, philosophy (ed. and trans. Fictive Press, 2014), The Laws of Life by Andreas Simonsen (ed. and trans. Fictive Press, 2015), and Frayed Opus for Strings and Wind Instruments, a collection of poems by Ulrikka S. Gernes (trans. with Patrick Friesen, Brick Books, 2015).

His activities, apart from teaching, focus on creative writing, rranslation and Judaic studies. He participates in CLASS, a working group of University of Winnipeg faculty and students engaged in interdisciplinary research concerning secularism and secularization within the liberal arts.




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